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Do you have a plan?

Many people use the old reliable "yellow pad" budget.  We write a list of our current expenses on a yellow note-pad and hope that we didn't forget anything. We tally up the numbers to see "how much a month" we can expect to spend from our paycheck.   We fuss and fume about where to cut back.  Next it goes in a file cabinet or drawer for next year or the next time AFTER we decide to buy that new car.  That was easy, wasn't it?  How did that work for you?

Want to save?  Get out the yellow pad and let's look at what we have left over.  Not enough?  Too bad.  Try again next year. 

Want to give?  Try being charatable when your creditors are hanging around your phone.

Christmas is on December 25th again this year.  Your spouse has a birthday (never forget!) and you have balding tires on your car.  Life just keeps happening and we seem to never get ahead.

There is no end to debt and we will have to work overtime to pay this months bills.  How's that plan working so far?  Oh wait - have a plan.  We let life call the shots and hope we come out on top.  But the view from laying on our financial backs at the bottom is no fun!

“My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.”  ~Errol Flynn

Are you ready for a real plan?

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