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About Debt

"I owe, I owe, so it's off to work I go..." and so we buy stuff today and pledge portions of our future paychecks for several years to come. 

No one likes to owe money.  Debt is bad, very bad.  And yet, we just can't seem to live our lives without it.   Debt has become the new "normal" in our society today.  And then we get out of control with our debt and struggle to pay what we owe. All our future paychecks spent long before they arrive!  We remind ourselves that "only rich people pay cash" (unless you win the lottery). 

The cycle starts when we need something now (like a new car).  We shop around, haggle on price and buy it straight out.  Whoops, we don’t have enough cash so we make a deal with a “loan officer” who makes us sign a bunch of papers and then smiles as we drive our shiny new toy off the lot. 

Next month the first payment comes due and we smile inwardly as we go on-line and make the first payment.  Now we need some cool looking accessories, so off we go shopping again.  There is this great interest rate advertised on this big-store credit card and we quickly apply. Don’t want to pass up this deal!  

We buy to our hearts content and find our wildest dreams come true as we roll that shopping basket to the checkout lane.  Life is good and we are feeling good.  Our shiny new car has some awesome bling and we just got a bunch of new stuff for the house!  The dog has a new collar and the cat has a new dish.  We even bought a few things for the kids who sing our praises and play happily with the greatest new toys on the planet. 

Over the next few months we buy more stuff.  A couple more credit cards with great interest rates.  Let’s not forget that special anniversary dinner and oh we are in the high life again.  The payments keep coming in and the money goes out.  A few more monthly payments will not crush us so we add more debt.  We are content and happy.

Then crash! Our new car is totaled.  The kids shoes have holes in them and those credit cards with the great interest rates?  The interest rates just went through the roof.  We owe, how we owe, and we just got let go!  Our job was outsourced and we suddenly have a stack of bills and no money to pay them. 

How did we get in this mess and how are we going to get out? Thankfully just as Visa has a plan, so does someone else.  Are you ready to get out of the debt trap?  Are you ready to take back control? 

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